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Government Procurement Law FirmWhitcomb, Selinsky, McAuliffe, PC is focused and proud to serve Coloradans and Veteran owned small businesses all over the United States.  Our focus on being a government procurement law firm, enables us to offer help with bid-protests, SDVOSB status certification, FAR compliance, and False Claims Act accusations. Our firm was founded on a commitment to excellence and and attention to detail that its founder learned as a member of one of America's most elite fighting forces.  As a young man, Joe Whitcomb recited what would become his life's mantra, The Ranger Creed, nearly every day of his life.  He still lives by that creed as he serves the people he proudly calls clients.  Many of those clients have also served in uniform and Joe Whitcomb counts them as brothers and sisters.  If you decide to hire one of our government procurement lawyers as your legal representative in any matter, we will take that trust seriously.  Whitcomb Law, PC's dedication to  serving our clients is unqualified.  Call us and let us know what we can do to help.

Helping Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) Get Certified and Grow

Joe Whitcomb knows exactly what it feels like to start a business with little more than an idea and and some really good staffers.  He started his SDVOSB CVE certified law firm in April 2012 and knows what it feels like to squeeze every dime to make ends meet.  Joe has also known his share of successes and is careful to maximize the legal processes.  He is also passionate about leveraging his legal and business experience to benefit his Veteran business owner clients in their quest to get CVE certified, win contracts, and grow their business.  Working towards his clients' success goes beyond Joe's desire to keep them happy, it's actually woven into his own business plan.  He believes that the best way to grow his law firm is to help his clients grow their businesses while remaining compliant with Federal, State, and local regulations.  For this reason, Whitcomb Law, PC stays up-to-date on federal and state regulations as well as government procurement trends.  We have clients located all over the United States doing business with a variety of federal agencies as well as State and local governments and big primes.  Wherever you are in the  Government Procurement arena, from obtaining CVE certification, engaging in a GAO or agency level bid protest, or faced with a performance issue, Whitcomb Law, PC can help.

Helping Companies in Their International Business Transactions

Helping businesses grow and while remaining compliant with federal, state, and local regulations is especially important when a company is engage in international business transactions.  Joe Whitcomb got to witness international commerce in his travels as a U.S. service member and he developed his interest further when he completed his masters degree in International Relations.  His focus on International Political Economics helped form his perspective on the value of international trade.  Joe believes that increased trade leads to improved relations, which is good for everyone involved.  That said, when you take your company into the uncharted waters of international trade, you may not know what pitfalls to avoid.  Legal and security questions will invariably arise and the attorneys at Whitcomb Law, PC are here to help.  So, when you decide to grow your business beyond the borders of the United States, give us a call so we can help you succeed, minimize your legal risks, and maximize your opportunities.


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    If your company has financial or trade interests in foreign countries or if that is your aspiration, let the team at Whitcomb Law, PC help you with this endeavor.
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    As part of our commitment to helping citizens interact with their government, Whitcomb Law, PC is proud to help small to medium sized businesses bid for, obtain, and perform government contracts.  We are also happy to help with compliance issues that arise.  Our lawyers are trained to help steer business owners from the pitfalls of running afoul of the rules and regulations governing federal contracting.
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    Joe Whitcomb founded Whitcomb Law, PC, in the heart of downtown Denver, CO in April 2012, in order to serve clients with their interactions with Federal, State, and Local government. The firm started by helping clients in administrative law proceedings and then expanded the practice to better focus on our business clients' needs as they sought to sell products and services to federal, State, and local governments through the procurement process.  Many of our business client are interested in doing business in foreign countries, so Whitcomb Law, PC, again expanded its practice areas to include International Business Transactions and Intellectual Property Rights.  Call us whenever your firm has a legal need.  We are able to help in most states and with most business related legal problems or concerns.

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